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  • Remembering Al Bartlett
    Too few environmentalists and sustainability advocates are willing to eschew political correctness and put “smart growth” into the unsustainable dung heap in which it belongs, right next to “dumb growth.” Too few scientists have been willing to take respected journals and magazines to task for engaging in a conspiracy of “silent lies,” leaving overpopulation unmentioned in discussions of various crises. You could never accuse notable physicist Al Bartlett of beating around the bush or tap-dancing around the clear truths about the unsustainability of growth.
  • The Return of ‘Limits to Growth’?
    A major mainstream media outlet mentioned the concept of limits to growth. It took the ongoing drought in California and the absurdity of air-conditioned homes with swimming pools in the desert to make the New York Times bring it up. Will we will see more media talking about limits to growth as we face more challenges from our last 100 years of "development?"
  • Partial Advice is No Advice At All
    Over the next 35 years the populations of the world will try to emulate the western diet in their journey towards development. According to their analysis, this will inspire everything to go south. This report is full of well-founded research and partial truths. Nothing they say is incorrect. It’s what they don’t say that makes it incorrect.
  • Free Screening of GrowthBusters on Black Friday 2014
    We began the tradition last year of screening my documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth, free on the internet on Black Friday. It still seems like a good idea, to eschew shopping – usually for things that aren’t needed. Why not stay home and have quality time with family and friends? Play some games. Pop some popcorn. And watch a film with something to say about the Black Friday shopping madness. This year we’re doing it on YouTube, which means you can watch when you want (on Black Friday)….
  • Movie Stars Think Small is Beautiful, Too
    In one corner we have Rob Reiner, a talented and very well known film director (The Bucket List, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, and This is Spinal Tap are but a few of his gems), who also has a long string of acting and producing credits. In the battle his support team includes Dick Van Dyke, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, James L. Brooks and Jeffrey Katzenberg. In the other corner we have…a real estate developer, and the Malibu “establishment.”

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